• Welcome! Hazel is a highly customizable business management solution that will enable you to monitor and run your business easily.

    this software solution helps you to fully manage your business. the solution has been in the market for over sixteen years and has been improved to suit various businesses such as chemists, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, hardware stores, computer shops, accessories shops, boutiques and grocery stores.

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  • Hazel Point Of Sale


    Easy to Use

    The POS user interface is very easy to use and it only takes a few steps to manage or sell items.


    Fastest checkout

    The system has a very fast POS interface that allows you to sell (checkout) items within seconds.


    Capture Transaction Reference

    Some transaction references for payment can be stored in the system for reconciliation and accountability.

    • Inventory Management

  • Inventory Management

    Every business needs a proper way to manage existing stock/inventory and assets. Most of the losses and theft experienced by business owners is as a result of lack of an inventory management system, or deliberate sabotage. Hazel has been in the market for a long time and we have built comprehensive inventory management controls, receive stock processes and online cloud backup.
    Please speak to us as soon as possible to discuss how to handle your inventory. Remember, your inventory is your business!


    The need

    Without a system to effectively manage your inventory, you’ll face billing errors, lack of proper business growth assessment, loss of profits, poor customer service due to regular out-of-stock issues, and even outright failure.

  • Receive Stock


    Auto Add to existing stock

    Hazel's receive stock feature automatically updates stock quantity for received items to avoid double work. You can also receive stock remotely if you have subscribed to the cloud backup option.


    Discount Management

    Hazel caters for cases where you have received stock at a discount, this will be useful for accounting and reconciliation.


    Email Notifications

    Anytime stock is received, the system emails information to the set business email and all the directors about received stock so you are always aware of the operations in your business.


    Supplier and Buying Price Management

    All stocks received can be traced back to the supplier and the system gives you an opportunity to edit the buying price and the quantity received.
    In cases where you receive stock using an invoice number, the system will calculate the totals for you for ease of reference and reconciliation.

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  • Reports

    Business growth is properly measured using reports. Because of this, Hazel has over 40 inbuilt reports that assist you in analyzing sales, staff performance, inventory, profits, and client reports.


    Sales Reports

    Displays reports of the business sales in detail and also grouped per category.


    Inventory Reports

    Hazel has various inventory reports to guide you to know the current inventory in the system and the changes.


    Profit and Loss Report

    The profit and loss report assists you in knowing the business profitability. This can guide in knowing the most profitable items and also guides in managing the selling prices for items. These reports guide you to know the current inventory in the system and the changes.

    • sales report

    • category report

  • Email

    has become a very important tool in running business. Hazel ensures that you get the key email notifications such as price changes, out of stock notifications and sales reports.


    End Of Day Reports

    At the end of the day, every business neeeds to have detailed reports which is usually a true reflection of the business growth. To achieve this, Hazel gives you an option of the reports you can receive automatically at the end of the day.
    You may set the time the reports are sent depending on your business schedules.


    Receive Stock Notification

    Anytime your business receives new stock, an email is sent to all the directors.


    Edit Notifications

    Hazel emails you whenever prices change, profile edits are done, stock is below reorder level and whenever new items are added.

    • Hazel App

      Hazel Android App

  • Hazel Mobile App

    The hazel mobile app enables you to view your business from your phone. The app is free but you need web access subscription.


    View Inventory

    See your business inventory and related data such as prices.


    View Sales

    View realtime sales in your business.


    View Received Stock

    View received stock and the available quantity after stock was received.


these are a few clients using hazel to manage their business effectively:

  • ✔ Mvule Pharmacy


  • ✔ Welgo Pharma LTD


  • ✔ Onestar Pharmaceuticals


  • ✔ Issa Chemist

    Eldama Ravine

  • ✔ Avilon Lounge


  • ✔ Vovo Cafe


  • ✔ The Tap


  • ✔ Ebeka Lounge


  • ✔ Advantage Distributors


  • ✔ LifeBeat - Convenience Store

    Kangundo Road, Nairobi

  • ✔ Goose Restaurant


  • ✔ Bellevue School


  • ✔ Eclipse Tavern Lounge

    Annex, Eldoret

  • ✔ Dressup Closet


  • ✔ Enkasiti Resort


  • ✔ The Barman Wine Shop


  • ✔ Color Talk

    Adams Arcade

  • ✔ Urban Salon & Barber


  • ✔ Mapema Cafe


  • ✔ Capricon


  • ✔ Mwangaza College


  • ✔ Egerton Mini Mart


  • ✔ Boudoir


  • ✔ LCL Wines



  • Server


    starting from 60,000.00

    Billed ONCE
    Main Server & SQL Database
    Inventory Management, Client Management, Orders
    Reports & POS
  • Client



    Billed ONCE
    Applies to every additional PC in your network
    Client PCs
  • Web Access & Synch



    Billed Per Year
    + Automated Daily Backup
    Web & Mobile App Access
    Requires Internet Access
    Web Access

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