Points Of Sale solutions

we provide hazel point of sale software solution along with other Point Of Sale accessories such as receipt printers, barcode printers and scanners, thumb print readers, cash registers and integration of the Point Of Sale system to company ERP where applicable.

SMS Solutions

we provide hazelsms as a simple and bulk SMS solution. you can use this solution to get in touch with your clients regularly.

  • Points Of Sale

    hazel has one touch optimized points of sale screen with thumbnails

    and one classic Point Of Sale screen optimized for barcode scanning

  • user management

    create users and assign access code

    preset user profiles for quick user management

    predefined roles for various user levels

  • access

    users access their profile in the system using a unique access code or optional swipe reader

    auto lock after transaction posting allows several users to use one terminal

    fast logon, usually takes 2-3 seconds to display the Point Of Sale screen

  • add edit or delete records easily

    group items by category

    assign an image (avatar) to items for ease of identification in the Point Of Sale screen

    set reorder levels, and receive stock easily

    stock sheet reconciliation

  • touch

    touchscreen optimized interface

    this makes sure that the client's order is picked in seconds and multiple users can use the same terminal

    the Point Of Sale window automatically calculates the bill total, eliminating the need for manual calculations

    easily offer itemized discount or a discount on the total bill based on optional settings

  • open bills

    hazel has the best open bills management that eliminates disputes with your valued clients

    all orders are added to one bill, meaning there will be no manual calculation of the total bill

    every new order is grouped by time of order

  • receiving payment

    receiving payment is easy, and the system allows you to choose the payment options once it detects you have received a payment

    the change or amount due is calculated automatically

    the payment details can be optionally printed to the client receipt

  • reports

    inventory, sales, clients reports at the touch of a button

    automatic emailing of preset reports in pdf format so you can access reports remotely

    view more sample reports here.

  • Point Of Sale features...

    1. Simplify your operations and accounting processes. Reprint receipts easily. Retrieve information easily. Reorder stock easily. Receive stock easily.
    2. Best inventory management. Add image thumbnails, set which items are kitchen orders, set reorder level, easily edit existing prices.
    3. Look up past transactions easily and track biggest sellers and reorder those products when stock gets low.

  • Point Of Sale features...

    4. Create your own purchase orders, quotations and invoice reminders from the system making business operations easier.
    5. Provide faster service. The Point Of Sale is optimized for quick sale, with thumbnails for easy click to add, barcode scanning support and advanced fuzzy search.
    6. Store all client details in the system and easily integrate with HazelSMS for bulk SMS communication to your client. Also, give your clients neat, informative itemized receipts.
    7. Cut down on user errors. We have built in checks to ensure that the information is entered accurately.

  • POS features....

    8. See real time inventory. Eliminate the need for a costly hand count or stock taking. Hazel has an inbuilt stock reconciliation that can be used periodically to ensure invetory records are correct and reflect what is actually in stock or out of stock and discrepancies if any.
    9. The receipt printer is thermal, which means you do not need to buy an ink cartridge. Saves you money.
    10. Control who has access to your financial records by assigning users different access levels.
    11. The system also has automatic emailing of preset reports. It converts the reports automatically to pdf and sends these to two email addresses of your choice, so you can view reports at home or on the go.


  • Send/Receive bulk sms to your clients easily
  • USSD support
  • Forward incoming SMS to two numbers of your choice, for an out of office awareness.


Inventory Master File

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SQL Express (Database)

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Sample Reports

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the team

we have a dedicated and experienced team of developers, trainers and support who ensure that you get the best solutions and support.


Head of Sales

responsible for implementing and executing our strategic marketing plans and oversees service delivery;


Business Development Manager

builds market position by developing new business relationships and maintaining existing relationships. # 0723 630 288


Developer, Technical Support

in charge of installation, training, system development and support;


Developer, Founder

in charge of software design and development;

client feedback

  • "Many businesses running hazel have reduced the work needed to manage and track inventory, giving them more time to focus on other tasks. "

  • " Easy to use, and looks good!"

    Color Talk - Adams Aracade

  • " HazelSMS solution has helped us collect revenue faster from our clients by sending them timely reminders. "

    Fortcom Consult - Nairobi

  • " Finally figured out how to use the hazelsms templates, its easy to use and convenient! Thanks! "

    Dressup Closet - Kitengela

  • "We are happy to have a system that eliminates the manual stock taking."

    Guvnor - Embakasi, Nairobi

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Frequently Asked Qestions

Installation usually takes four hours.
Setting up your inventory and getting everything right, including training could take 1-2 days depending on quantities involved.
hazel software is KES 60,000.00.
this includes installation and training.
you may pay via cheque or mpesa.
depending on location of your business, additional transport charges may apply....
hazelsms software is KES 30,000.00.
this includes installation and training.
you may pay via cheque or mpesa.
yes. hazel can be setup to print to multiple printers, and you also get to set the number of copies.
Many businesses setup the option to print a "captain order" to the kitchen printer so the order is received instantly without the need for the waiter to walk to the kitchen.
yes. you can designate one computer to host the database and then setup the other computers to be client pcs. this requires a local area network.
1. eliminate tedious manual inventory management
2. store sales record for future review, or when required.
3. control user roles and access to your business records.
4. avoid irregularities and theft by receiving daily automatic emails
5. access reports quickly

  • you can install hazel in a server, desktop pc or laptop.
  • a receipt printer is also required for the points of sale billing.
  • a barcode scanner is optional, but may be useful for faster sales in some businesses
  • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor*
  • 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • 20GB available hard disk space
  • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
  • Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or newer. Windows 8 and 10 are also fully supported.
  • sql 2014 or newer. we recommend sql 2014 express which is free for medium to small businesses.
  • antivirus software that will protect your computer from unwanted software attacks and unauthorised changes.
  • once hazel is installed, a license key is determined based on the computer hardware. This key is used by Hazel Development to generate a license key.
    you will need to purchase and enter the license key to start using the full paid version.
    The registration key looks like this "AJGH4HJ0JKL" and varies from pc to pc.
    The activation license key will look like this "H963BE0EFBA700008C817D4F517F556058558B"
    hazel licensing is per computer and is done once, you will not need to pay for the license again.
    if you have more than one PC, an additional license key will be availed at KES 3,000.00
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    ✔ Boutiques ✔ Bookstores.
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